Silicon Goes The Way Of The Dodo
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Silicon Goes The Way Of The Dodo

By Charles Moffat - 2001.

Or is it FOR the dodo?

When it comes to breast enlargements/augmentations, silicon is the word of the 80s and 90s. With the sexist boyfriends included, and the girlfriends who sacrifice their health for a more “full” bust, silicon has been the standard for the last 20 years and more. The dodos of this industry would be the women who have been sucked into the male idealogy, have rejected their bodies in favour of the male idealized version of what their bodies “should” be. Totally ignoring the fact that their bodies are fine, perfectly sexy just the way they are.

But for the breast crazed hot-blooded Yankee, that’s not always enough. Bigger is better, and all that rubbish.

Some women actually complain about having large breasts, but for those who don’t (and get sucked into the male-dominated culture), silicon breast augmentations is the way to go.

Not any more.

On May 23rd, 2001, scientists in London England announced that scientists (tissue engineers) in Australia they have found an “all natural route” alternative. Resulting in creating larger, firmer and supposedly more importantly “real” breasts.

The technique (which they have patented) is as follows:

#1. Insert a bio-degradable chamber containing scaffolding into the area where the tissue is needed. Think of an empty honey-comb, and you get the general idea.

#2. Connect a vascular loop which provides extra blood to the area, which will help it to heal and grow.

#3. Seal up the surgery.

#4. Let nature take its course. The nearby cells and tissue expand into the honeycomb region and fill up the place with new cells. The chamber is bio-degradable and thus is absorbed slowly into the body without any hassles.

The end result is that of a supposedly normal breast, without risk of breast cancer.

The only possible side-effect is if the woman ALREADY had breast cancer, thus causing the new area to become a breeding ground for the cancer to grow, and there would be no easy way to check for it until its too late.

Now lets look at the social effects:

#1. Silicon breast augmentation will go the way of the dodo.

#2. Because the new process is “safe” it will likely cause a rise in the number of women getting “boob jobs” as the result of pushy-boyfriends.

#3. Thus it is quite possible that the next 30 years could become quite revolutionary in the number of women with so-called “perfect breasts”.

#4. And the sexism with regards to breasts will continue… unless we have a massive 3rd women’s movement in the next 10 years (I’ve been predicting it to really pick up speed in about 2008, due to demographics) manages to change the way women (and men) look at their breasts.

Charles Moffat - Cancer #2 - 2001.

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